The Importance of Software Updates

Posted by aonenetworks On March 8, 2014

If you’re a computer user, the chances are you’ve come across software updates. But do you know how important they are? A few seconds to click a box to scan for or install updates is very valuable in terms of keeping your computer running at its best.

Why Are Software Updates Important?

Think of your software as a group of colleagues in an office. All the programs work together to give you the computing environment you want. To keep things running smoothly, software sometimes requires additional training or to learn new information. That is the heart of software updates – improving software in some way that will increase its performance. There are three main reasons for updating the software on your computer.

Software Updates For Increased Security

Malware can get into your computer and create havoc with your system. From clicking a link to opening an email or downloading a file, it is easy to accidentally open the door for malware to get in. Keeping your software updated is absolutely vital for preventing malware infections.

The first thing that springs to mind when it comes to malware is often anti virus updates. But did you know that malware can also get in through vulnerabilities in many other programs? By keeping all of your software up to date, you are lessening the risk of malware finding weak spots in your computer.

Software Updates For Bug Fixes

When you purchase or download a piece of software, it’s the best it can be at that moment. As the developers continue to work on the software and gain feedback from users, bugs will come to light. Bugs are those little things that stop your software working the way you want it to, like not auto saving your work, or having a clash with another program on your computer.

This kind of update is a bit like re-training your software to do its job even more efficiently.

Software Updates For Better Functionality

Sometimes developers update software simply to get it running better. Whether that’s running faster, reducing the risk of compatibility issues, or adding new features, software is always growing and changing. These kind of updates can create an even nicer computing environment. Not to forget that you might well benefit from smarter, more functional programs.

What Happens If I Don’t Update My Software?

Missing software updates can put your computer at risk from malware including all kinds of viruses and spyware. Once malware gets into your system it can lead to data loss and corruption and greatly impaired functionality. It can also affect any other computers in your network, or spread to others via your email accounts. The cost and inconvenience of malware can be enormous – regular updates are the best way to protect your computer.

Missing updates can also mean missing out on bug fixes and functionality upgrades. In time, your software might have more compatibility issues due to age. Regular updates will keep all of your software working at its best.

It’s easy to skip over software updates. A little dialog box pops up right when you’re busy with something else, so you dismiss it. However, regular software updates are vital to protect your computer and keep it running at its best. A few minutes now could save you a lot of trouble in the future, so take some time to review and install those software updates.

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