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Posted by aonenetworks On July 24, 2013

Tapping into the social media marketing options can be key to your business. Video is a simple yet effective way to deliver your message, explaining what makes your organization the one to use. There are numerous video platforms available, but YouTube is still the largest community. YouTube makes business marketing simple with video uploads, and tools for data analysis. Here are several sips for utilizing YouTube as part of your business marketing.

Make memorable videos

Create inspiring, content driven videos. Show your product in action using movie-trailer style, make it fast, creative and catchy.

Be descriptive

YouTube is owned by Google, so a great description can yield high search results. Utilize all available boxes including category, description, title and tags. At the end of the video, and in the description, remember to include the link to your website.

Create a Channel

YouTube began as a video viewing site, but has evolved to channels were subscriptions can really make a difference. The One Channel layout allows for branding to be viewed seamlessly and videos to be viewed more regularly. Add your channel URL to social network profiles.

Use the Share button

Sharing web content is the key to successful marketing. Encourage viewers to share using an embedded tool on Twitter or Facebook, or even email.


Search engine optimization is essential for all web content, especially for videos. Choose keywords that match to relevance of the video. To help understand what keywords are locating, conduct your own search on similar content. View the information that is surfacing, and modify your keywords to ensure your video will display in the future results. After upload, YouTube will automatically offer suggestions for keywords.

Video analytics

Video analytics are available at YouTube or can be downloaded into Excel for analysis on your computer. Data available for review includes reporting dates, world views from YouTube Insight, world referrers, and video demographics. These can include age group, gender, location, and popularity of one of your videos. These tools are all available at no additional cost.

Pay for promoting

To enhance your marketing, videos can be promoted to your target audience on YouTube and featured with other videos of related content.

Facebook and Twitter are also key components in the social marketing plan, and where appropriate, embed a video on your webpage or a blog, offering training or product information. YouTube could potentially generate thousands of views to your videos.

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