Two Ways to Generate More Email Leads

Posted by aonenetworks On October 11, 2012

Though it’s often overlooked, getting more email subscribers is often an effective way to generate leads for your company, whether you’re large or small.

Acquiring the contact information of someone that’s even just vaguely interested in your services can mean more business, period. They probably at least find what you’re doing important, and may subscribe later if you follow up with them in some way. Some businesses can get by on click-throughs alone these days, but most businesses must have multiple opportunities to build a relationship with a client before they sign on.

But it’s not enough to just put a subscribe button on each page of your website and expect people to sign up. Here are two ways you can interact and grab the attention of your audience to encourage them in bigger, better ways.

Free Stuff

People love free information, especially since a lot of free resources now come at a premium. Compile a file – or ebook – of your best advice, and give it away for free. You might feel a tad bit of pain handing away all of your trade secrets, but it’s likely that the person who’s reading it will just respect what you do that much more – and then hire you to do it for them. You can even find a partner that will bring your audience unique and valuable information so that they get a fresh take on the subject at hand.

Have a Thank You Landing Page

After someone’s signed up for your services, consider having a thank you page set up. Give them your gratitude for signing up and assure them that all is well, but there can be more information on the page as well. Have a couple of your best writers whip up some content that includes some suggestions to other websites for good information. Have your partners do the same. You should start to see traffic from their websites, too.

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