Two Tricks to Refresh Yourself

Posted by aonenetworks On April 26, 2013

happyEven if you want to keep working and grinding away at a project as long as possible, it may not be the best idea. When you’re burnt out, you don’t do your best work, and you may just have to spend extra time fixing mistakes later. Instead, try the ideas below to rejuvenate your mind and body.

One Break Every 25 Minutes


Cognition, another scientific journal, conducted a study that indicates that people can focus longer if their brains are given something else to do in between the larger parts of the task. Let yourself relax and do something else for five or ten minutes, and let your brain sink into a state of not-thinking about anything important. This is called “momentary deactivation.” If you find that your mind is slowing down after a long period of work, it may not be ready to give up the good fight; it may just need a moment. The neural net that you’re utilizing to work may just need a second to recuperate. Give it that moment, and see if you come back with a fresh sense of work ethic. Most of the time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out you can actually keep working.


Get Away From Work


The CEO of a popular company says that the best vacation you can give yourself is mountain biking. Why? Because you absolutely have to get your focus away from the office and all of the things going on at home and concentrate on not dying while you ride terrifying trails. If you absolutely feel like you can’t get away, you’re wrong: it will do everyone at your company good if you back off and out of the picture for a little while. Going to Hawaii – literally or figuratively – will make your brain feel relaxed, which in turns means that you will be much more productive and able to tackle issues when you get back from your vacation. It doesn’t matter if the initiative you need to cover when you get back is balancing your budget or hiring new people. You’ll have the perspective, alertness, and focus to do your absolute best at the task at hand.


Sometimes, the way to get your best work done is actually to step away from the work for a moment. Whether a five minute break in the middle of the day, or a longer vacation away from the workplace altogether, these mental rest periods will help you do your best.

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