Twitter and Tweeting: Three Things You Must Avoid

Posted by aonenetworks On November 30, 2012

Twitter is an excellent social media tool that has only grown in population in the last few years. It’s so popular, actually, that a whopping 87% of companies have already hopped on board and are fishing for new customers already. If you’ve finally decided to join that party, there are a couple of things you should know before you head into the fray. Read on to find out more.

Don’t Tweet Too Often

People simply don’t appreciate someone who tweets all the time. They don’t just subscribe to you; they want to read posts from all kinds of people, and that’s why they’ve likely subscribed to several people, companies, and more. They don’t just want to read about you. Even though there’s not a set amount of Tweets you should be doing a day, avoid doing more than two or three so you don’t accidentally choke someone’s feeds with your words alone.

Not Responding to Others

The worst thing you can do is ignore other people’s tweets, especially when they’re directed at you. When someone tags you in a Tweet, take the six seconds it takes to reply, whether that post is good, bad, or asking a question about a product or service. Not only will you make that person happy, you’ll show the other people who view your feed that you care about other clients – which may be the reason they decide to follow you.

Not Using Shortlinks

Not only do shortlinks created by or give you more room to type important commentary, both websites allow you to track clickthroughs to see how successful a particular post is panning out. That way you know what is popular so you can post more of it in the future, and what was a bust so you don’t waste your time on it later.

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