Tips to Help You Succeed in Marketing

Posted by aonenetworks On November 1, 2013

When you need a boost in sales, sometimes getting a fresh perspective is all that you need. Here are some quick and effective tips to improve your day-to-day sales and help your small business succeed where others didn’t.

Pair Up with Other Businesses

When you’re trying to figure out new ways to market your business, look around locally for businesses that would also cater to your customers. See if a particularly kind business would offer a discount if a customer mentioned your company’s name when they purchased something. Of course, you should reciprocate and built two-way relationships with those businesses.

Figure Out Where You’d Like to Be Featured

Take a few hours and figure out which platforms would benefit your company the most. From blogs to social media, there are tons of outlets that could potentially develop your business. Figure out what these platforms mean to you. What about this news blog that you like? What’s their tone? How do they talk on Twitter? Choose a blog you like and reach out to them. Tell them how much you liked their recent post, and how it benefited you when you read it. Take a moment to introduce yourself when you contact them. Since you’re contacting them because what they write is relevant to your company’s niche, it should be easy to establish yourself as an expert resource for them. When they do come to you, be ready with quality advice and ask for credit if they use it.


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