Three Ways Your Website Can Be Better

Posted by aonenetworks On January 11, 2013

1066735_notepad___Improving your website means maintaining a constant connection to what’s going on around you. The standards for what a website should look like change year to year, month to month, and have definitely improved since the 90’s where dancing baby GIFs were popular and part of an approved website. When you’re looking to update your website these days, it’s important you get it right the first time so you don’t have to redo it until the next big thing happens. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to making your website better.

Keep Your Menu Items Specific

If your business doesn’t have a wacky voice or any quirky niche your website needs to fit, then it should basically look like any other website. You don’t put “Stuff here” as a menu item. You put “FAQ” or “About Us” or whatever the page is about. “About the Band” is not an appropriate title for your “About Us” page; “show us the money” is also not appropriate for your “services and products” page.

Make Sure You Have Blog Archives Organized

If your website has been going for a while now, you probably have a significant amount of blogs that need to be organized. There is valuable information there, and not using it to your advantage can actually alienate your customers significantly. They want to know what you posted last year, especially if it’s valuable now.

Provide Incentives to Sign Up for Communications from Your Company

Don’t be shy; go ahead and tell your potential clients that there are goodies available if they sign up for your newsletter. Signing up for a newsletter is valuable to you because you get leads and may make more sales that way. Give them a coupon for your services or another valuable deal just for signing up.

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