Marketing Frugally: Three Tips

Posted by aonenetworks On July 5, 2013

1029092_city_corporate_growthBusinesses have had a significant amount of trouble staying afloat these past few years, but that doesn’t mean that many businesses haven’t thrived and risen above to become more powerful than ever. Check below for three tips to help you be that business.

Seek Local Connections

Everyone these days is focused on the Internet – so focused, in fact, that sometimes old-fashioned networking escapes people. Try to find some local businesses you may be able to network with. Perhaps if you advertise for them in your shop, they’ll do the same. Maybe you can offer exclusive discounts to one another’s customers to bring in more business to both of your stores.

Figure Out Where You Could Be Featured

You want your business to be seen, period. List the top three ways in which you think being seen would help you the most. For example, media outlets or blogs may be at the top of your list, or maybe a particular social media platform would do better for you. Research how you can reach your target audiences on these top three advertising platforms. Is it through comments? Is it through posting? Whatever it is, get on it, and start making a difference today.

Twitter = Dating

Instead of just thinking of Twitter as one more media platform, think of it as a date. Would you shove ads at someone during a good date, or would you cut them off midsentence? No. So what defines a good date? Good food, good communication, good thought sharing – all of these things should define your conversations on Twitter. Most importantly, you wouldn’t talk about yourself for an hour straight on a date either, so make your tweets short and sweet too.

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