LinkedIn Rereleases Mobile Apps with Dramatic Changes

Posted by aonenetworks On April 17, 2013

New applications for LinkedIn for the iPhone and Android have been released, and they have been completely overhauled as part of the effort to create a richer, more personalized experience.

LinkedIn apps are now more than just basic profiles, containing more content, prettier and cleaner profiles, and easily consumable features such as alerts, updates, and profile views. In addition, both versions of the application are now available in 15 different languages, which are easily accessible in the settings menu.

The new LinkedIn follows something they refer to as a “one tap away” idea, which means that no matter what you’re doing, you can find the thing you’re looking for with a single tap. This means the application has adopted a somewhat Facebook-esque type design with slide-out menus, drop-down alerts, and easily accessible friend requests and job changes from friends. Instead of having to go search for the information you’re looking for, the new LinkedIn app versions strive to bring it all to your front door instead.

The menu on the left hand side of your app slides in and out and only shows you what you “tell” it to show you, including friend updates, groups, available jobs, and “people you may know”. It’s easy to delete any category you don’t like and to add ones you do.

The most striking new feature of the new LinkedIn apps is the dynamic stream experience every user will be able to appreciate. The stories that make up the feed are called “cards,” and are customized based on the browsing behavior of the user that is currently using the application. These stories are similar to those that are on Facebook, such as news, posts from friends, group posts, and job changes. If you’re a job seeker, your stream will focus more on available jobs until you tell it to focus on something else.

All in all, the new application’s main purpose is to provide its users with a detailed, emotional environment that is meant to serve not only people who enjoy social media, but people who don’t use any additional social media platform.

photo credit: LinkedIn

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