Is Your Battery Life Disappointing? Use These Tips to Extend It

Posted by aonenetworks On May 27, 2013

Smartphones have hit the world with full force and have changed how many people communicate with one another. With instant access to things like Facebook and email, people have been spending less and less time on their computers and more and more time on their phones. Though Apple has a good share of the market, the majority of phones used are still based on Android technology, and since our mini-computers we pass off as phones are getting so advanced, our battery lives are getting shorter and shorter. Even though our batteries can technically last two or three days, many of us find that they last around twelve hours. If you’re on the go for more than that a day, you’ll know that twelve hours isn’t really long enough. When you’re in a pinch, you may find this following advice helpful.

Turn Off Your High Speed Internet

Many of us have access to 3G and 4G networks, but some older phones have the ability to turn that off. This may not help in an area that has consistently good connections to 3G or 4G, but it’ll help a ton if you have spotty reception or are going in and out of good areas. You can find the setting for your 3G or 4G by going into your mobile network settings.

Change Your Screen’s Brightness

The biggest strain on your battery power is often just the screen. We like our electronics bright, so we often leave the screen at the brightest setting. Modern day phones dim the screen at night and often when the battery starts to fail, but not usually before. Preempt your phone’s default settings and turn down the screen by heading over to your display settings.

If All Else Fails, Have an Extra Charger

Excepting Apple devices, most phones these days have universal chargers, and any charger can be plugged into another phone without any problem. These chargers can also often be disconnected from the wall piece and be plugged into a computer. Invest in a few of these (they’re fairly cheap online); if you absolutely have to have a charge in your phone, having a spare charger can save your life.

Remember, you may not be able to lengthen your battery power, but you can find ways to conserve it by setting your phone the way you need it to be.

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