5 Android & iOS Compatible Apps for the Travelling Business Owner

Posted by aonenetworks On September 4, 2013


We all have certain apps we like to use and that we use for business and for pleasure. However, we don’t think of everything on our own, and sometimes knowing a certain app is out there can improve our lives tremendously. Here are just a few apps you may not have known existed for your Apple or Android device.

Keeper Password

Password rules are completely different for most websites, so it’s likely you have a spreadsheet somewhere of all of the passwords you have for your bank accounts, personal email accounts, and business accounts. Not only is having so many passwords confusing, it’s not safe to have that sort of data stored on a computer. Apps like Keeper Password solve that issue by not only generating a secure password for every website you log into but by storing the information safely on its servers that are password protected as well. This means you only have to remember one password – Keeper Password does the rest.

Wi-Fi Finder

This app is both handy and free. Wi-Fi Finder will find close Wi-Fi locations. Not only that, it gives you a map of said locations and you can even navigate to the closest ones to your current location. There are over 145,000 locations logged in the app, and each location has a phone number, signal strength, SSID name and address listed, so you always know what you’re looking for. When you’re travelling and need a Wi-Fi connection for an important business meeting, this is one of the easiest ways to get it.

Alarm Clock HD

This particular app may not be directly related to business; however, it’s important to wake up right to start your day in the most positive way possible. Most phones these days come with built-in alarm clocks, but most of them are substandard. With apps like Alarm Clock HD, you can tune in to your favorite radio station or play music off of your iTunes account. You can even choose a YouTube video that plays as soon as your alarm goes off.


Just because you’re on the road, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be frugal. Using apps like GasBuddy will help you locate cheap, local gasoline. If you report prices as they go up or go down, you can collect points and spend them on prizes, too.

BatterySense or Easy Battery Saver

While there isn’t a battery app that’s compatible with both major phone operating systems, there’s one for each instead. These applications don’t only tell you where your battery power is going, but how long you have until it’s gone, gone, gone. When you’re out of your office or out of town and don’t have a charger handy, knowing how to save battery power for important things can mean the difference between a missed business call and one that you receive.

There are tons of good applications out there, and doing some exploring will probably reap some interesting results above and beyond what’s listed above. Just remember, focus your intent on finding apps that are good for business – not just good for occupying you in your spare time.

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